Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Wind and the Sun

People often ask why solar photo voltaic systems are not used to generate electricity in Seychelles, a country famous for sun (as well as sea and sand) and for conservation of its natural environment.

Now in a different twist, Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s green energy initiative, and the Seychelles Government announced on Wednesday 28 October they will be carrying out a wind resource assessment study for the proposed wind power project. The study comes as part of a collaborative agreement signed by the two parties in January 2009 to develop renewable energy in the Seychelles.

Yes U Can Garden

Nature Seychelles' Heritage Garden at Roche Caiman was opened on 16 October by the Minster for Environment, Natural Resources and Transport, with the ever-smiling Antoine Moustache the big chief of the Seychelles Agriculture Agency facilitating things and an enthusiastic crowd supporting us.

The new theme I introduced in Seychelles through this Garden is Edible Landscaping. Now I want propagate another practice I saw in New York (of all places!) - Low-Cost Gardening or what I have dubbed “Yes, U Can Garden”. Food, and other goodies like aromatic and medicinal plants, can be grown and maintained for very little money. And, you can beat the recession, fight the food crisis, be healthy, make new friends and save genetic resources, all in one fell swoop!

Friday, October 9, 2009

A new tool for Indian Ocean marine science is launched

India launched a second satellite to study the Indian Ocean a couple of weeks ago, the application of which is of interest to the countries of East Africa and Western Indian Ocean. The Oceansat-2 will monitor the interaction between oceans and the atmosphere as part of climate studies, according to the country's space agency.

The satellite, launched from India's southeast coast, carried six nanosatellites from European universities as auxiliary payloads, said the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). It also is equipped with two solar panels projecting from its sides, for generating power and charging batteries.