Monday, November 19, 2012

Seychelles has a Big Stock of Blue Carbon

Sea grasses in Seychelles (

The Seychelles archipelago has huge expanses of sea grasses, one of the largest in the Western Indian Ocean. Most people here mistake sea grasses for “seaweeds”. But sea grasses are flowering plants like plants on land unlike “seaweeds” which are algae.

For years many marine conservationists and agencies have given sea grasses stepdaughter treatment. Yet, these ecosystems have extremely important roles to play as habitats, food sources, and sediment stabilizers. Sea grass meadows are well frequented by fish and therefore are targeted by some trap fishermen. About 50 species of fish are found in the sea grasses around the granitic islands of Seychelles.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What’s the future of the University?

University of Urbino signs MOU with Nature Seychelles

Its really a no-brainer - higher education and research are fundamental to our work in conservation and environmental management. Only by underpinning conservation with science, both social and natural, can we save biodiversity.

But higher education around the world is undergoing a huge transformation in terms of its role, mode of operation, and economic structure and value.